Secluded creek next to canyon wall covered with plants, orange lichens

Lee Kinsey Outfitting offers exclusive access to secluded waters

Rarely-fished Waters

Secluded small stream, bright water Some of the best fishing available is on small, isolated, personal-sized streams. But, small water doesn't always mean small fish. Their narrow gauge often hides big fish and pleasant suprises await you on every corner.

Kinsey Outfitting leases private access to over 75 miles of small streams and rivers. Some you may have heard of or read about in one of the more famous fishing magazines, while others are hidden and anonymous.

Plus, we outfit and guide the famous spring creeks of Paradise Valley. Depuy's, Armstrong's, and Nelson's have been destination fisheries for many years. I've spent over 500 days guiding and fishing them in the last dozen years. There is no better place in the world to truly learn the fine details of angling. Long tippets, small flies, and careful casts to finicky risers mean every trout can be a personal victory in the making.

If you would like to take a day off from wading and spend a day in a boat casting hoppers to large cruising fish, there are also a few remarkable small lakes in the Livingston area. These are a great option in the summertime when the fishin' is easy.

Remember, we can fish the more famous rivers around Livingston, such as the mighty Yellowstone and the Boulder, too. A day afloat on these bigger waters is a good contrast to our typical small stream tactics.

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