Two anglers on secluded creek next to canyon wall covered with plants, orange lichens

Lee Kinsey Outfitting offers exclusive access to secluded waters

Fish the Quiet Places

Lee Kinsey

Fish waters where you'll be the only angler within miles. The fishing is quiet and unhurried . . . just you and the fish rising along the opposite bank.

I'm Lee Kinsey. As a fourth-generation Montanan, I grew up fishing these waters and guided on them for the last 14 years. They are home to me. I've dedicated my life to helping other anglers discover and enjoy these quiet places.

Contact me if you want to experience some secluded water. Let's talk about how I can make your angling dreams come true.

Check my blog for notes and discussion about the flies I tie, how to tie them, and other topics.

Licensed by the Montana Board of Outfitters; Outfitter #6355. Permitted by the USFS on the Gallatin National Forest.

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