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Lee Kinsey During the winter months, like a lot of other guides, I concentrate on filling the flyboxes. But not with just any flies: These little gems are keyed to the tiny insects I see every day on the spring creeks and smaller streams that are my specialty. Unique and unmatched by any other flytier, these flies work like no other.

While I'm not a 'production' tier, I do offer a small line of my own designs that incorporate my experience on the water with a skillset based on long hours at the vise.

The flies I tie are not 'searching' or 'attractor' flies; they are tied carefully to catch that difficult fish on the first cast. We call them spring creek flies, but I use them everywhere, tying them on when I spot a large fish sipping by the bank, or when any fish has refused my attractor. On the big freestone waters such as the Yellowstone or tailwaters like the Big Horn or Missouri, these flies are a deadly addition to any fisherman's arsenal. Look over the flies I offer, think how they might increase your success rate, and contact me for more details.

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    Quill body, split tail, perfect silhouette, my favorite PMD Dun Pattern.

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    CDC PMD Emerger

    The most effective fly in my box. Even the most selective trout can't resist it!

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    Hi-Vis PMD

    The perfect indicator fly . . . and it gets eaten often, too!

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    PT Unweighted

    A classic with a twist: ring-eye for better hook-ups and 3 different flavors to perfectly match that mayfly nymph.

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    The most under-fished pattern on the Spring Creeks! Also available with bleached grizzly hackle.

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    Sawyer PT Weighted

    Tied with a wire thorax so it sinks to proper depth without a split shot. Available in many styles/colors.

This is only a small sample of the many flies I have to offer; please call or email me for a complete list. I also offer a Sample Flybox with twelve different patterns in a free Secluded Water flybox. Includes complete descriptions and fishing techniques for each pattern. A great gift too! $30/box + $4.95 S&H (priority mail). Limit of 2 per customer.

Purchase Info

Pricing: $30 a dozen, payable by check only at this time. To purchase these flies and many other patterns like them, please contact me directly. I tie flies during my brief time off and during the winter, so we'll have to arrange a schedule to make sure you have your flies in time to go fishing.

Spring Creek Guide Flyboxes

This is a series of specialty flyboxes containing the flies I use most on the famous Montana spring creeks: Armstrong, DePuy, and Nelson.

The guide boxes are customized by:

  • Season
  • Fishing Technique: Dry or Nymph
  • Individual Spring Creek hatches

If you're really dedicated to the creeks, this is the way to go. Short of my being at your side, using this huge selection of flies will bring fish to you quicker and easier, so long as you keep your head and enjoy your fishing!

This box will also become your 'go-to' box off the spring creeks as well. While these flies fool the most selective trout in the world, they often prove irresistible to uneducated fish, too. Use them anywhere you find picky or foolish trout rising . . .

A New Classic: John Mingo's "Flyfishing the Montana Spring Creeks"

John has fished the Paradise Valley spring creeks for more than 30 years, and he shares his insights and tips with you on every page. I have available copies of this interesting, informative book signed by the author. Contact me for details.

Fly Blog

I also keep a fly blog featuring many of my flies, how to tie them, discussions of fly-tying techniques and other comments. Check it out!

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